Current Issue : Vol.39, No.3, September, 2017
On Different Kinds of Injectivity of Acts
Mohammad Ali Naghipoora,*, Majid Ershadb, and Mohammad Roueentanc
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.3.317 crossref
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A certain subclass of meromorphic functions with positive coefficients associated with an integral operator
Arzu Akgüla,*
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.3.331 crossref
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Certain unified integrals involving product of generalized $k-$Bessel function and general class of polynomials
N. Menariaa, R. K. Parmarb, S. D. Purohitc,* and K. S. Nisard
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.3.349 crossref
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On Generalized Spherical Surfaces in Euclidean Spaces
Bengü Bayrama, Kadri Arslanb,*, and Betül Bulcab
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.3.363 crossref
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Two new relations between q-product identities, theta function identities and combinatorial partition identities} \author{M. P. Chaudhary$^{*}$, Ahmed Buseri Ashine, and Feyissa Kaba Wakene
M. P. Chaudharya,*, Ahmed Buseri Ashineb, and Feyissa Kaba Wakeneb
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.3.379 crossref
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A Generalization of the kinetic equation using the Prabhakar-type operators
Gustavo Abel Dorregoa, and Dinesh Kumarb,*
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.3.401 crossref
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Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability of a Functional Equation Related to General Quadratic Mappings
Sun-Sook Jina, and Yang-Hi Leea,*
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.3.417 crossref
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Perimeter centroids of quadrilaterals
Wonyong Kima, Dong-Soo Kima,*, Sangwook Kima, and So Yeon Lima
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.3.431 crossref
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Some fractional Integral formulas involving the product of confluent hypergeometric functions
Yongsup Kima,*
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.3.443 crossref
abstract pdf
A class of definite integrals
Insuk Kima,*
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.3.453 crossref
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