Current Issue : Vol.39, No.2, June, 2017
Tate-Shafarevich groups and Schanuel's lemma
Hoseog Yua,*
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.137 crossref
abstract pdf
Toeplitz Operators on Hardy and Bergman spaces over bounded domains in the plane
Young-Bok Chunga,* and Heui-Geong Naa
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.143 crossref
abstract pdf
Some New Common Fixed Points of Generalized Rational Contractive Mappings in Dislocated Metric Spaces with Application
Sami Ullah Khana,* Muhammad Arshada, Tahair Rashama and Abdullah Shoaibb
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.161 crossref
abstract pdf
Fredholm Toeplitz operators on the pluriharmonic Dirichlet space
Young Joo Leea,*
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.175 crossref
abstract pdf
The existence and the completeness of some metrics on Lorentzian warped product manifolds with fiber manifold of class (B)
Yoon-Tae Junga, A-Ryong Kima, and Soo-Young Leea,*
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.187 crossref
abstract pdf
More general forms of $(\in,\in \vee$q$_{k})$ fuzzy filters of ordered semigroups
Asghar Khana,*, Shakoor Muhammada, and Mohammed M. Khalafb
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.199 crossref
abstract pdf
Generating Functions for Legendre-based poly-Bernoulli Numbers and Polynomials
Nabiullah Khana, Talha Usmana,*, and Mohd Amana
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.217 crossref
abstract pdf
Certain properties of a new subclass of analytic and $p$-valently close-to-convex functions
Serap Bulut a,*
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.233 crossref
abstract pdf
Various centroids of quadrilaterals
Seul Leea, Dong-Soo Kima,*, and Hyeon Parka
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.247 crossref
abstract pdf
Classification of Galois Polynomials
Ki-Suk Leea,*, and Ji-Eun Leea
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.259 crossref
abstract pdf
Note on q-Product Identities and Combinatorial Partition Identities
M. P. Chaudharya,*, and Getachew Abiye Salilewb
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.267 crossref
abstract pdf
Associated Prime Submodules of a Multiplication Module
Sang Cheol Leea, Yeong Moo Songb,*, and Rezvan Varmazyarc
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.275 crossref
abstract pdf
The fractional totient function and Sturmian Dirichlet series
DoYong Kwona,*
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.297 crossref
abstract pdf
Differentials of the bicomplex functions for each conjugations by the naive approach
Han Ul Kanga, Min Ji Kima, and Kwang Ho Shona,*
DOI:10.5831/HMJ.2017.39.2.307 crossref
abstract pdf